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The throwing of beads and trinkets.

The throwing of trinkets and candy from floats evolved from the practice of throwing sugar coated almonds called "Dragee" into the crowd. This trinkets throwing started in the early 1870's by the Twelfth Night Revelers, and is a time-honored expectation for young and old alike. In 1884, The Krewe of Rex started using medallions instead of trinkets. These medallions are today's doubloons. Today doubloons are aluminum and anodized in many different colors. They depict the parade theme on one side and the Krewe's emblem on the other. If you're lucky enough to catch one, hold onto it - they have become collectors' items. Be warned! If you're at your first parade and reach down to pick up a doubloon with your hand, your fingers may never be the same! It is an accepted practice by many to stomp on doubloons to claim them. Other popular throws include garters and bikini underwear (yes, that's what I said!), long pearl beads, mug, cups, footballs and stuffed animals.

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