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How is the Krewe royalty selected?

The method of selecting Mardi Gras royalty varies from Krewe to Krewe. Some Krewes hold random drawings to pick their King and Queen. Some still use the Kings Cake Method and still others charge the selected King a fee to reign. In several of the Krewes there are elaborate ceremonies called "Coronation Balls" once the Royalty has been selected.

Many Krewes also have their Official and Unofficial King and Queen. The official King and Queen are usually chosen by election and how they have worked for the Krewe. The unofficial is selected by King's Cake. This gives a little more fun to the proceeding and everyone can join in. Also these Krewes have the Official Black Tie Royalty Ball and the Unofficial Lets Party King and Queen get together. The Unofficial King and Queen are referred to as the Ugly King and Queen.

The Royalty of the Krewe of Aquarius consists of a King and Queen, Prince and Princess, Duke and Duchess, Count and Countess, Baron and Baroness, along with five Ladies in Waiting, and five Knights of the Court.

Additionally being Royalty means having responsibilities. Members of the Royalty are required to attend and participate in the majority of all Krewe activities and meetings throughout the year.

Members of the Royalty of the Krewe of Aquarius progress upward each year. In the event that a member of the Royalty is unable to fulfill their obligation of the progression, the next succeeding person has the option to advance to fill the vacancy.

New members to the Royalty of the Krewe of Aquarius are elected by secret ballot at the first general meeting in July each year. Criteria for Royalty will be based on Attendance. Going to a Majority of General Krewe Meetings. Participation in a Majority of Krewe Activities and Events and have been a member a minimum of twelve consecutive months.

   Mystic Krewe of Aquarius
1311 Winnie
Galveston, Texas 77550

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