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Early Mardi Gras

In 1890 the first Carnival marching club, the Jefferson City Buzzards in New Orleans, is formed.

In 1960 The Krewe of Rex in New Orleans throws the first doubloon, a novel idea by local artist and inventor H. Alvin Sharpe.

In 1992 The Original Carnival Krewe of the modern era of Carnival, Comus, along with the second oldest parading Krewe, Momus, after 110 years of Carnival tradition, retire from the field, in protests to an anti-discrimination ordinance introduced by the New Orleans city council which states that Krewes - which were private organizations - had to have open membership. Proteus, Carnival's third oldest surviving Krewe, parades, but also retires from the field, the following year, rather than sign the ordinance. The Krewes of Minerva, Proteus, Selenus and Venus also roll for the final time this year. Zulu joins Lundi Gras with the staging of it's own activities.

Today many traditions of Mardi Gras continue. Secret identities provided by masks give people freedom from inhibitions so they can go out and have a good time. Anyone can be anything during this short time.

Today's parades and general Mardi Gras celebrations have evolved into a mixture of ideas that have become traditional over the years, but the real spirit retains the ageless spirit of the original French Mardi Gras.

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