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King - Johnny Gonzales
Queen - Phyllis Santos

Prince - AJ Saper
Princess - Charlene Manning

Duke - A. K. Kahla
Duchess - Terrie Kahla

Count - Ronnie Blasé
Countess - Stephaine Blasé

Baron - Michael McKinney
Baroness - Linda Davidson

Ladies in Waiting:
Cathy Croft
Danette Kersten
Charlsey Porcarello
Pat Saenz
Beth Thornton
Kevin Croft
Andy Kersten
David Lewallen
Robert Lusk
Hector Saenz

2007 Royal Court Members

Knights & Ladies in Waiting


King- Johnny Gonzales
Queen- Phyllis Santos

From left to right: Knight- Andy Kersten, Lady- Danette Kersten, Queen- Phyllis Santos, King- Johnny Gonzales


Prince- A. J. Saper
Princess- Charlene Manning


From left to right: Prince- A. J. Saper, Princess- Charlene Manning, Lady- Cathy Croft, Knight- Kevin Croft

Duke- A. K. Kahla
Duches- Terrie Kahla


From left to right: Knight- Hector Saenz, Lady- Pat Saenz, Duchess- Terrie Kahla, Duke- A. K. Kahla

Count- Ronnie Blasé
Countess- Staphaine Blasé

From left to right: Knight- David Lewallen, Lady- Charlsey Porcarello, Countess- Staphaine Blasé, Count- Ronnie Blasé


Baron- Michael McKinney
Baroness- Linda Davidson

From left to right: Baron- Michael McKinney, Baroness- Linda Davidson, Lady- Beth Thornton, Knight- Robert Lusk


Lady's and Knight's

Front Row: Pat Saenz, Beth Thornton, Charlsey Porcarello; Danette Kersten, and Cathy Croft

Back Row: Robert Lusk, Hector Saenz, David Lewallen, Andy Kersten, and Kevin Croft

Diamond Club: Merle Lidstone, Pat Katrausky, Valerie Mancuso, Alice Tarifa, and Sky Hoff






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