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Tips and Information

  • Start locating housing in August because by the time you make reservations in November or December the rooms will be scarce and will undoubtedly cost more. If you can't find a room keep calling because there are always cancellations. On the other hand, if you like to camp there is the state park located on the beach.
  • Local transportation includes the Island Trolley System, Taxies and Pete and Joe (your feet). They are all better options then driving because you don't need a designated driver.
  • The historic Strand area is closed to vehicular traffic so if you do drive look for a place that is close to the festive activities. If you want to use a commercial parking area get there early because they do fill up.
  • Arrive two hours early for the day parades and two to four hours early for the night parades. Find a spot where you can see everything and possibly setup a chair while waiting for a day parade. Keep in mind that a street may be empty but will fill quickly.
  • Be careful when you bend down to pick up beads, doubloons, etc. You may want to put your foot on it, and when it's safer (between floats), you can pick it up. Krewe members never throw when the float is not moving; this is for the safety of the crowd. It prevents people from rushing up to the float and getting hit or run over when the parade advances.
  • Don't be a total jerk or obnoxious while attending Mardi Gras functions and parades. The police use an efficient system for arresting and carting off those who violate common sense rules like; Don't get overtly drunk, or be obnoxious, or behave irrationally in public; it is not amusing to anyone and especially the police. The police are there to assist with issues the arise, so if you act responsible they will not have to assist you with new jewelry and a place to stay for the night.
  • Plan on a meeting place even with cell phones in hand. Pick a cornet or a place that you start from and plan to meet there. If you depend on cell phones one could get damaged or lost leaving you lost.
  • Leave expensive cameras, pets, keepsakes and jewelry at home because these are large crowds of people that attract all kinds of people.
  • If you are going to wear a costume you should consider one that does not block you vision. There are contests daily so have fun and dress up.
  • Dress accordingly: comfortable shoes, jackets, and layered clothing. Most of the time at this time of the year the mornings are cold and afternoons are hot. It's not unusual to be 40 degrees when you get your place to watch the parade and 80 degrees when the parade starts or finishes.
  • To receive the maximum number of throws by making eye contact with the members on the float by screaming, waving (whatever) and dressing up. Items thrown include beads, stuffed animals, cup insulators, etc. Remember to bring a bag to put your items in then return the extra items to a place for safe keeping until you are ready to leave.
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